The Crossover Alliance was founded by David Alderman as an online community where readers and writers of edgy Christian speculative fiction could congregate. As time passed, David, myself, and many others realized that there was a deep undercurrent of dissatisfaction with mainstream Christian publishers among the reading audience. There were also many writers who had been marginalized because their work was too dark or gritty, even if it stood on solid Biblical foundations.

We knew the mainstream Christian publishing industry wasn't going to change. So we took matters into our own hands. We decided to transform The Crossover Alliance from an online community into a full-fledged publisher.

The Crossover Alliance seeks to publish edgy Christian speculative fiction that is too raw and gritty for traditional Christian publishers and Christian bookstores, but still adheres to Biblical principles and doctrines. Its books may have some strong content but the goal is not to glorify sin. Rather, the opposite - the goal is to reveal the ugliness of sin, and by contrast, shine the light of God's grace.

This wasn't an easy decision, and we know there are going to be plenty of challenges along the way, but we're pumped and excited to see where this adventure takes us!