Thursday, March 10, 2016


So here's the scoop:

- NIKOLAI THE PENITENT is in the editor's hands right now. We've already gone through one round of edits and the second round will finish next week. Barring any sudden complications, the manuscript should be all clean and polished before the end of the month.

- I'm planning on starting my voodoo/mixed martial arts horror thriller BALOR next month. I've been watching MMA videos, learning about the terminology, and doing research on Mississippi witchcraft so I can hit the ground running. The major themes I want to explore with this book are aggression, demonic invitation, and racism. I'm expecting this to be my most angry and disturbing book to date. I'm excited and scared at the same time :-)

- Nora Snow is six weeks old now. She's a total butterball and way past the legal limit for cuteness. I love babies :-)

- Don't forget to check in with The Crossover Alliance from time to time. Exciting new books are coming your way!

That's the latest for now. Here's a picture of me yesterday when the temperature hit the mid-70s.

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