Wednesday, July 29, 2015


THE CROSSOVER ALLIANCE is now officially open for business! It's taken a lot of work and preparation to get to this point, but the day has arrived, and we're ready to take on a frustrated and foundering Christian fiction market.

The Crossover Alliance seeks to put to rest the conundrum that many readers and writers face: a book is either too Christian for the secular market, or it's too secular for the Christian market. There are hordes of readers and writers caught in this limbo, and The Crossover Alliance wants to be a place where people can find gritty, edgy books that rest on solid Biblical principles. We shouldn't glorify the darkness but we shouldn't be afraid of it, either, nor should we be afraid of it in the books we read. The Crossover Alliance will bring you the most intense, hardest-hitting books the Christian market has ever seen, and we hope you'll join us in this adventure.

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