Thursday, March 19, 2015


My new story in the Colony Zero series is coming soon! This story is part of "Series 0," which is a collection of backstories for the major characters in the Colony Zero saga. If you don't already know, Althana, the "mother" of the Zeroes, was my creation, and my new story, Olympus, explains how a beautiful young woman born into wealth and privilege ends up as an outcast on a desolate planet.

One thing that I wanted to avoid when working on this series was making the characters too easily sympathetic. It takes no effort to root for the underdog, the loveable loser, the downtrodden wanderer with a pure heart and cheerful attitude. And it's equally easy to hate the arrogant elitist, the snob who holds themselves aloof above the rabble. But I like being challenged when I read, and naturally I try to write that way as well. The character of Althana is a blend of these two dichotomies. She's privileged but not a tyrant, though she certainly recognizes her elevated status. And she's an outcast, though she wrestles with this aspect of her identity. Her story is one of pride and her struggles to overcome this sin. She is a Zero but she doesn't see herself as merely "one of them."

Be on the lookout for Olympus, coming in the next few weeks. And if you haven't yet checked out the Colony Zero series, you can find it on Amazon. More than a dozen stories so far from seven authors. Even if you're not a science fiction fan, you'll find plenty to enjoy.

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