Sunday, January 4, 2015

BRING IT ON , 2015!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. This was the first Christmas and New Year's Day that I have spent with my wife and kids in the USA. It was quite a blowout too!

But the party's over and now it's back to real life - school, work...or in my case, school and work because I work at a school. But when darkness falls, I put on my writer's cape, which is actually just a really comfortable bathrobe my wife got me for Christmas. I finished the rough draft for Beast before the holiday and after giving my brain a bit of time to recharge, I'm charging in with guns blazing. I'm talking full-on, no mercy bloothbath. I don't care how much a word begs or pleads...if it needs to go, it's outta there.

While I'm working on that, I'll also be starting my research for my next book, which will be set in the Middle Ages during the Black Death plague. Yeah, fun stuff! I expect to spend the rest of the year working on this project and I'm thinking this will be my longest book yet. Also my most violent, gruesome, heartbreaking, technical, complex, and challenging. Or it could be a light-hearted comedy. Either way, it's going to be a monster that will dwarf anything I've done so far. I'm scared and excited, and I'm ready. More to come on that later.

Hope the New Year finds you happy, healthy, and with your nose in a book!

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