Saturday, August 16, 2014


My short story Sanguinem Inimicum is part of the upcoming Crossover Alliance Anthology Vol. 1. Here is a little snippet to wet your whistle:
The warrior tightened his grip on his sword. His whole body ached for the kill. He unleashed a savage roar and quickened his pace, feeling his heart swell with pride at the courage of the others around him.

This was to be a day that would spawn legends.

The enemy horde was only a few paces in front of them, and he could practically feel their hatred. They were animals, soulless beasts who knew nothing but death and destruction.

The warrior chose one among them, hurtling himself through the air, blade raised high above his head.

I am the sword of vengeance…

He brought the blade down with all his might, cleaving the monster’s head right between the stunted horns. The blade ripped down through the vacant face, exiting through the teeth, trailing a graceful arc of dark red blood that splashed across the grass. The corpse fell at his feet without a sound and the warrior spun to his right as the waves collided. 
Stay tuned for the release date!!anthology/c22ov

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