Friday, April 18, 2014


I have approved (and added to) the publisher's edits for SCORN which means it has been given the all-clear for launch. As soon as I find out the release date, I will let you know.

If you've read the first two books in the trilogy, I'm sure you have several questions that you'd like to see answered. Before I started writing SCORN, I wrote out all of the questions that I personally wanted answers for, and I made sure that is exactly what I did. So let me assure you, your questions will be answered in this final book, hopefully to your satisfaction. That's not to say that everything will be all wrapped up in a tidy little package with a pretty polka-dot bow, but I hate excessive ambiguity in stories. I like to engage the readers' imaginations but it's a storytellers responsibility to tell a story, not tease the reader and say "well, what do you think happened?"

So is the list of questions, in no particular order, that guided me as I sculpted SCORN. If you have others, perhaps they will be answered as well. Or perhaps not :-)

1. What will happen to Patric?
2. What will happen with Natasha and her child?
3. What will happen to Christine and Claude?
4. What will happen to Father DeMarco?
5. What will happen to Julian?
6. What will happen with the American Christian Militia?
7. What will happen to the Christian church and the Satanic church?
8. What will happen to the woman in black?
9. How did Patric get his ability to hear demons?

You'll find out the answers very soon!

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