Saturday, March 29, 2014


The publisher has sent me the edits for SCORN, so after I give it one more read-through, it will be unleashed! I'm also in the middle of my second round of editing for CYN. My usual M.O. is two read-throughs on the computer, then I print it out and read a physical cop y and then send it off to the publisher. I'm expecting to have that all completed in a month so look for a summer release date.


Our new home is far superior to any place my family has lived before but one disadvantage is that my office doubles as my baby daughter's bedroom, which means my prime writing time in the evening is vaporized. But I'm one of those write-anywhere kind of people (I'm also a sleep-anywhere person too) so the words will flow regardless. After SCORN and CYN are out the door, I'll begin constructing my next monster, aptly titled BEAST! It's going to be a scorching summer!

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