Friday, March 14, 2014


Well, it seems the publisher pulled the old switcheroo...instead of releasing SCORN (which is still right around the corner), they have released INDELIBLE, my long-delayed contemporary fiction novel. If you're looking for gripping, violent action, ominous and foreboding atmosphere, and ultra-Gothic thrills and chills...then you should read my other books. INDELIBLE is a "one off" book in my "Two On, One Off" writing schedule, meaning that I write two dark spiritual thrillers and then one book in a different genre.

But INDELIBLE is no cupcake. Just look at the cover. It's an intense character study that doesn't need demons and gunfights to give it an edge. It's far lighter than my other offerings but it's still a Mark Carver book. You'll find betrayal, pain, doubt, shattered well as comedy, sarcasm, drunken ramblings, a flatulent dog, and more rock and roll than you can shake a broadsword at. I guarantee that it's unlike any other book you've read before.

Head over to and grab INDELIBLE for Kindle for only $2.99! The paperback edition will be coming soon. INDELIBLE - one choice can change everything, and some choices can never be erased.

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