Sunday, June 23, 2013


Today's Random Scene of the Week comes from my upcoming book, INDELIBLE! Take a look at this first peek from a pivotal scene in the book, the scene that changes Cameron McConnell's life forever. And don't forget to pick up INDELIBLE when it hits stores early next month!


Pain. Lots and lots of pain.

Ivan was right; there were moments of near-euphoria, but they would vanish instantly as the needle stabbed his cheekbone or rattled his temple.

Cameron fought to keep the tears at bay. His knuckles were white as he clung to the armrests as if he were in a plane spiraling out of control. He imagined a demonic monster laughing maniacally as it split his skull with a massive chainsaw, blood and bone and hair spattering against the walls.

Fire... Blood... Pain...

He heard a voice, distant and hollow. He couldn’t trust his senses; every nerve in his body was tingling, and the left side of his face felt like it was melting. He was certain he could smell burning flesh.

“That’s it, man,” Ivan declared, scooting his chair back a couple of feet. “You’re done.”

Cameron was paralyzed. He lay on the chair like a corpse, staring blankly at the white lamp hovering above his head.


It was Chucky’s voice. Cameron slowly turned his head, stretching the neck muscles that had been clenched as tight as bowstrings for the past two hours.

His mouth felt dry, his tongue like sandpaper. He swallowed, but there was nothing. His vision was swimming, but he could see one thing very clearly.

Chucky’s eyes. They were as big as dinner plates.

“ does it look?” Cameron rasped.

Chucky blinked with wordless astonishment. Then he said, “’ve got to see it to believe it.”

Cameron’s heart lurched. A single thought raced through his mind.

What have I done?

He felt something cool and stinging press against his throbbing cheek. Ivan gingerly wiped the tattoo with several cloths that quickly became dark with excess ink and Cameron’s blood.

After it was clean, Ivan rose to his feet and motioned towards the mirror.

“Go check it out, man. Tell me what you think.”

Cameron had to force his body to relax before he could move. The fire was spreading across his entire face now, and stars flashed before his eyes as a great wave of nausea crashed into his brain. For a second, he thought he might black out.

Then he felt Chucky’s firm hand against his back. With his friend’s help, he stumbled to his feet, tottering dangerously.

“Take it easy,” Ivan advised. “You’ll feel a bit dizzy for a while.”

Cameron trudged towards the mirror, shuffling his feet like an old man.

What have I done? What have I done?

Chucky gave him a gentle push. “Take a look, Cameron.”

Cameron’s stomach was as tight as a drum. He didn’t want to look. He wanted to believe that his face looked like it did in the doctored photos, but he didn’t want to see the real thing.

But he knew he had to.

He raised his eyes, feeling more nervous than he ever had in his entire life.

His knees buckled, and he would have fallen down if Chucky hadn’t kept him upright.

“Chucky...” he gasped.

Chucky’s face split into a broad, toothy grin. “I know, right?”

Cameron couldn’t believe his eyes. Despite the redness and swelling, the tattoo was...



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  1. I have my face tattooed and the pain was not real bad but, knowing it is my face made an intense feeling and a OMG thought. Now it has been a year and I really like it and it was not a mistake. The sneak peek is very interesting and puts into words some of the thoughts of getting facial ink.

    1. Wow, you're hardcore. I've never had my face tattooed though I've had much of my torso done, so I had to imagine what a facial tattoo might feel like (plus it's a book so it needs to be dramatic :-P). I'm hoping that this book will make people consider the person behind the ink, rather than simply writing them off because of their unconventional appearance. Since writing this story, I've come across a lot of people who look intimidating and even frightening, but their personalities and character are anything but.

      The book should be out by July 4th. Tell your friends!