Saturday, April 27, 2013


My fingers have barely cooled down after finishing Indelible, but I'm jumping right back into the mix!

Presenting The Jerusalem Chronicles, a series based on The Age of Apollyon. Here's the official synopsis:

The human race cowers before the Great Dragon as monuments to faith and holiness crumble like dust. Shattered by tragedy, one man takes up arms in the name of righteousness to bathe a dark world in the cleansing blood of salvation. 

The Jerusalem Chronicles follows the journey that takes Tourec Beauchamp from a humble monastery in Italy to the cataclysmic battleground of Jerusalem, the Holy City. As the world descends into Satanic madness, Tourec and his brethren rise up to defend that which is sacred, but the cost will be far greater than anyone could imagine... 

The Jerusalem Chronicles - a new series based on The Age of Apollyon. Pray for deliverance...

The first volume, The Manifestation, will be available in June! I will release a new volume every two or three months. And get ready for Scorn, the final chapter in The Age of Apollyon Trilogy...coming 2014!

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