Tuesday, April 23, 2013


INDELIBLE has been polished, packaged, and shipped off to the publisher. Hopefully it won't require too much body work before it's in your hands. INDELIBLE, the world's first novel to feature a fantasy weapons designer with a facial tattoo!

The book only took 3 months to write, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how quick the writing process zipped along. My first book, THE AGE OF APOLLYON, took 4 1/2 months, and BLACK SUN took 8 months, but those books were required much more mental effort. INDELIBLE is a contemporary story set in sunny California with true-to-life characters talking and cracking wise like normal people do everyday. Not a cathedral or demon in sight. It's definitely a much lighter story than I'm used to writing, but it was nice to wander down a different creative path for a change. I'll get back into the dark stuff soon enough...for now, I just want to catch my breath.

Some interesting tidbits about INDELIBLE:

- there is not a single instance of violence in the entire story
- there are three important elements in the story: tattoos, heavy metal, and fantasy weapons. I know a lot about the first two and nothing about the third, so I had to charter the Good Ship Google quite a number of times.
- in one scene, Mindy wears a t-shirt with the words "DreamBody Inc." This is the name of my brother's personal training and lifestyle fitness company. Check out the website here.
- the romantic angle of the story is much more prominent than in my previous works. My earlier books have been more geared towards male readers (though women enjoy them too), but I purposefully tried to write INDELIBLE with a male and female audience in mind.
- the initial idea for the story was about a guy who takes a trek to the Amazon jungle and comes back with a tattoo containing a demon that causes him to go homicidal. I wanted to take a break from dark demonic books so I lightened the story quite a bit (and pretty much wrote the opposite of what I was considering in the beginning). It's still intense in parts, but it's all psychological. No horror or freakiness this time around.

Keep an eye out; INDELIBLE will be coming your way soon!


  1. I will definitely be buying this, Mark!! I like your brother's fitness company!! If I was there, I would join, I love gym work and keeping fit.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm expecting a May release. Stay fit and be happy wherever you are!