Friday, March 8, 2013


Many people have asked me this question, so first, let me clear up something so that there is no confusion:

I HATE SATAN. I hate Satan, Satanism, and anything that sonofabitch stands for. But the fact remains that Satan is real. He hates God and God's creation. He wants nothing more than to see God's handiwork corrupted and defiled.

That is what I want to convey with The Age of Apollyon Trilogy. I will admit that a Satanic world makes for a very dramatic and atmospheric setting, and I am a writer, after all. But at no point in my books do I ever glorify, encourage, or promote Satanism or any Satanic values. I simply wanted to imagine what the world might look like if it not only turned its back on God, but turned its face towards the devil.

And if anyone is curious as to where I got the idea of a Satanic world, the answer lies in electric transmission towers. I see these things everyday on my way to work, and one day, instead of seeing this... overactive imagination saw this...

And I thought: How crazy would it be if Satan ruled the world and there were monuments to him everywhere, like countries do for their leaders?

And then I thought: Whoa.

So that's the scoop. Satan is as real as God, and he has massive power on this earth. No matter how he appears in movies or in books, he is evil and hates every one of us. Someone like that is most definitely not cool.

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