Sunday, February 3, 2013


Here's a special message from my publisher, HELPING HANDS PRESS, an imprint of TRESTLE PRESS:
We hope that you are ready for a contest; we would like you to have fun with it.           
How do you participate and what are the prizes?
Here are a few things you can do:
-Go to the Helping Hands Press website and sign up for our mailing list. We will start using the mailing list March 1st, and send out the newsletters each month on the 1st and 15th.Each newsletter will be filled with inside information for you on our authors, new author signings, new release dates, inside information on new series…basically you will hear of it first in this newsletter.
-If you haven’t “liked” our Facebook page, please do so, we like to have as much fun here as possible.
-Pinterest, if you are a member, please follow us; we will follow you too. We love to know what our friends are doing on Pinterest; it is a great place to have fun.
All of this information will be listed on the Helping Hands Press Facebook Page. Please look for the Rafflecopter; we will be using that to help choose the Grand Prize winner.  
Links you might want to use:
The Helping Hands Press website:
Trying to find us on Pinterest? We would love to follow you: 
Prizes, did someone mention Prizes?
I believe we did.
If you go to the Helping Hands Press website and sign up for the newsletter, we are going to email you a simple question: We have a list of stories; which one do you want to read for free? Also do you mind if we send the audio book sample for the following three releases as they are done:

Karen Anna Vogel’s “Amish Knit Lit Circle- Volume 1 – Pride & Prejudice”

Murray Pura’s “The Rose of Lancaster County – Volume 1 – The Rose Garden”

"The Defective Amish Detective – Volume 1 – The Whoopie Pie Affair."

Each of them is narrated by our own Big Daddy Abel.
Now for the Grand Prize:
The Grand Prize winner will get all the Helping Hands Press printed books! Right now we have eight:
Karen Anna Vogel’s: “Amish Knitting Circle Complete”,” Knit Together”,” Amish Doll”
George Michael Loughmueller’s- “An Amish Journey – Set Free Complete”
Mark Miller’s- “Sons of The King Complete” and “Daniel’s Lot
Marsha Hubler’s – “Bachelor’s Choice”
David Stearman’s-“Hummingbird”

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