Monday, February 18, 2013


My family and I have just returned from my Chinese in-laws' home where we celebrated Chinese New Year. Even though I had nearly no time to myself, I managed to write nearly 15,000 words of the manuscript for Indelible. And since returning home, I've been lighting up the keyboard and am approaching 20,000 words. That means I'm nearly 25% finished with the rough draft, and I've only been writing it for a month.

My previous pace is a finished rough draft in 5-8 months, but this time it's just gushing out of me like a waterfall. I think it's because the story is more grounded in reality than my past works have been, which makes it easier to move the story along, since I don't have to worry about creating a world from my imagination. It's also a much lighter story, which means less of an emotional toll on me. I'm have a blast writing it, and it's giving me a chance to flex writing muscles that I haven't exercised much in the past, such as romance and humor.

I'm hoping to have this book finished before our next baby is born, which should be sometime in late May. I've also planned to write the first volume in a short story series between now and then, and I'm going to head back to work next week. I know I'm stacking my plate quite full, but I'm enjoying the challenge and so far I'm rocking it out. Stay tuned!

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