Thursday, February 21, 2013


Here are some interesting trivia tidbits about THE AGE OF APOLLYON.

-The original title was The Shadow of Death, but there were too many books already out there with that title, so I changed it to The Age of Apollyon.

-Patric was originally named Pedro. I don't know why, but this is the name that first came to my mind when I started writing, and I changed it after a couple weeks.

-The name "Tourec" comes from the Roland Emmerich film Godzilla. Tourec was the name of one of the French mercenaries who gets killed in Madison Square Garden by the Godzilla babies.

-The Satanic incantations are Christian Latin hymns with the references to God or heaven replaced with Satan and hell.

-The family that is hanged in the graveyard at the Temple of Set are the Assantes. The name Assante comes from the American actor Armand Assante, who played the villain in the film Judge Dredd, one of my favorite action films.

-In a getaway scene, Tourec drives what is described as a "dismal Volkswagen coupe." My first car was a 1982 diesel Volkswagen Rabbit.

-Two characters that are mentioned only in passing play major roles in the upcoming sequel Black Sun.

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