Friday, January 25, 2013


Now that I'm finished with Black Sun, I'm putting the whole supernatural gothic action stuff in a corner for a while. I'll be putting out a short story series later in the year based on The Age of Apollyon, but for now, I'm focusing my attention on my next creation.

It's called Indelible, and it's a contemporary story about how choices that may seem inconsequential to us can have a big effect on people we know and the world as a whole. It's also a story about how easy it can be for people believe in the myth that they create about themselves. No serious violence, no demons, no cathedrals, just real people in very real situations. That's not to say it will be ordinary...oh no, Mark does not do ordinary. It's just a bit toned-down this time :-).

I'm excited about striking out on this new journey, because this is unlike anything I've done before. I'll post more updates soon about this project as well as the upcoming short story series. 2013 is going to be a busy and productive year :-).

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